About Us

Top Engineering Services is a DRC company with access to both North and South Congo.

As specialist steel fabricators, Top Engineering Services’ true value lies in it being a local company which provides clients with a quality and highly responsive service. This stems largely from its onsite services or the close involvement of founder Oscar Siviwe.

Over the last years, Top Engineering Services has ramped up from services such as fencing and gates, now including the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures, conveyors and chutes. About 95% of our workers are Congolese.


Top Engineering Services has a strong set of values such as teamwork, respect, quality, innovation and health & safety.

We also have a strong sense of community and Top Engineering Services is a sponsor of the Toyota Health Centre and Dieu Vivant Health Centre.


The company is well-structured, including:

  • General Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Resources managing Human Resources, Safety, Logistics, Stores, Quality Control, Engineering and Transport.

A Business Coach, who has worked with leaders such as Anglogold Ashanti, Randgold Resources, Glencore and Areva, completes a well-balanced Top Engineering Services team.


  • Fabrication of steel structures, conveyors, chutes, bins (including epoxy painting and sandblasting).
  • Plant maintenance and shutdowns
  • Maintenance and refurbishing of houses and structures
  • Installation of roof and side sheeting
  • Fencing and fence gates
  • Special engineering tasks and underground work
  • Hydro-power columns
  • Erection of antenna

Value Proposition

The Top Engineering Services’ business model has been built on 5 pillars which resonate with clients such as Kibali Gold Mine, among others.


As a local business, we have no language barriers and understand IR / HR requirements. We know the region’s suppliers well and experience limited logistic challenges.


When you partner with Top Engineering Services, you deal with Oscar Siviwe. This cuts out decision-making layers and naturally introduces a high degree of accountability. With Top Engineering Services, there are no politics
or sideshows.


For brown field projects particularly, being onsite presents significant advantages when it comes to extensions, modifications or urgent repairs. Apart from integrating easily with your engineers, being onsite saves a lot of time. Significantly, manufacturing onsite can save up to 30% in costs as product does not need to be transported to site.


We have the capacity to deliver turnkey projects or take on any one or more of the design, manufacturing or installation aspects of the project. For example, we provided a complete turnkey service to Kibali Gold Mine for a cyanide detoxification project. On the Azambi Hydro Power Station project, design was handled by an engineering house while we tackled manufacturing and installation.


Top Engineering Services has a balanced team, providing a solid platform to perform. The hands-on nature of owner Oscar Siviwe is balanced by a committed management structure. Our manufacturing team meets all international certification standards, passing the stringent audits of independent South African and Canadian consultants. To round the team off, we have the support of a Business Coach who has gained experience in environments such as Anglogold Ashanti, Randgold Resources, Glencore and Areva.



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